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From now through 11:59pm Pacific Tuesday night, July 28, MentalistLab is offering a 75% discount on P. Craig Browning’s massive 7-part, 363-page “PSYCHIC TECHNOLOGIES” mentalism & marketing course.

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“Psychic Technologies” is Craig’s point-by-point detailed course on how to set-up mentalism shows, PSI parties, psychic fairs, seances, home parties, public events, speaking & workshop opportunities. Each ebook is jam-packed with real world examples and information you can apply immediately.

Here’s what’s inside each book:


  • Psy-Tech Book 1 ($25 Value) : The beginning of this collection addresses the art of self promotion within your chosen market parameters; what we refer to as “Backyard” marketing, which typically involves travel less than two hours from your home and establishing that region as your territory. You will be introduced to basic formulas of business success as they would apply to any small business venture followed by an in-depth explanation of the Mini-Psychic Fair promotion, what many call the “Bread & Butter” action of the professional Psychic Entertainer; one that has been used for well over 100 years.


  • Psy-Tech Book 2 ($25 Value): This time we are taking a look at the world of the Hustler; sidewalk buskers and midway barkers — swindlers of all kinds! Though short on pages this collection reveals the secret behind effective Mitt Joint operations and how to get those prime spots in town for legal busking opportunities.


  • Psy-Tech Book 3 ($25 Value): This set takes a look at the world of Public Speaking, Workshops and Lectures as either an expert paranormalyst or psychoanalyst. The operative term here is “Expert” and true to his reputation the author is not letting you get away with the old “read two books and be one” route of course. No, he offers a series of outlines and thought seeds that will help you to be all that you can be, with the second half of the set catering to one of the biggest, most lucrative cons associated with the craft — the art of being a Mail Order Psychic.


  • Psy-Tech Book 4 ($25 Value): Delivering to the hard working weekend warrior two of the most vital keys of the Psychic Entertainment industry; the art of the remote demonstration — using the mail and telephone systems as your means by which to demonstrate your skills… even delivering a full 15-20 act from over the phone for your prospects. Section two of this set explores the world of the Home PSI Party, taking the student a bit deeper than previous books on this topic while revealing a couple of amazing cheats that will place you light years ahead of the competition.


  • Psy-Tech Book 5 ($25 Value): This book in the series brings to the student of this system, a sense of resource; a complete outline of the Craig’s own “INTUITIONAL SIGHT” Mall & Special Event program (including the Blindfold Drive),and a small arsenal of “trick-based” Reading routines that can be used as part of your home and corporate party offering (including a version of Craig’s “THOTH’S MESSENGERS” effect which sells separately for $45); Readings that are uncannily precise, fun and relatively easy to do… in fact, you already know how to do one of and probably don’t realize it. With contributions and features from Bob Cassidy, Millard Longman, Philemon Vanderbeck and others.


  • Psy-Tech Book 6 ($25 Value): Book six is said by many to be both, the more controversial as well as one of the more important set in the entire series; taking a long hard look at the value of public speaking in the form of Consumer Advocate, addressing the issues of Psychic Fraud, Dangerous Cult Awareness, etc. while likewise facing some very hard points of consideration when it comes to what true skepticism is vs. the growing trend of our present, in which cynicism has become the oft times cruel “rule” of things. Then there’s the world of Mystery Dinner Theater; an introduction to a realm in which the auspices of Bizarre Magick are coupled with the fantasy of things psychic & paranormal. The latter chapter lending to the student a complete outline of the author’s full-evening Murder Mystery program; a 3-4 hour excursion that caters to small groups while delivering the performer exceptional economic gains.


  • Psy-Tech Book 7 ($25 Value): The final installation to the PSYCHIC TECHNOLOGIES series. Set Seven takes an in-depth look at the world of Ghosts and the working of Haunted Magick, Seance programs and more! Along with Set 6 Set 7 delivers to those neophytes and seasoned pros alike, a more complete glimpse into the business of scaring the ever living daylights out of others or at minimum, leaving them something to seriously think about (after changing their drawers). This set brings things back to where we started in the series; looking at the reality of business vs. the show, and what true success really means in life vs. the illusions society so frequently sells to us. The author being quite direct in his pointing out that “Success” is a matter of personal perspective just as one’s spiritual understanding must be.

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If these four bonus gifts were sold separately, they’d go for well over $100.00+ …but when you accept our 75% off offer, you can have them FREE!

You’ll get instant access to…

  • Bonus 1: “Critters” ($35 Value) – This 46-page, 6-effect ebook includes a nice variety of easy-to-do but impactful routines, including:
    • Which OneA fun-filled twist on the Jimmy Fingers variation to Deddy Corbuzier’s FREE WILL routine, plus a ton of exceptional insights for taking things a few steps forward.
    • Animal Magnetism – An interesting experiment involving two couples and a look at their more “bestial” connections.
    • More Animal Magnetism – A more grand look at the original idea around “Animal Magnetism”but set to the grand stage.
    • Totem Channels – A very unique look at the concept behind doing a classic Psychometry routine but with a Shamanic twist and introduction to a novel method from Israel’s legendary Roni Shachnaey.
    • One Day At The Bar – A bit of humor and psychic fun that takes us through the gamut of a Saints & Sinners type investigation with the psychic discovery as to which animal was taken.
    • Plus An Extra Added Bonus! – Craig’s “Baby Elephant Walk” Chair Prediction Routine!
  • Bonus 2: “From A Childs Mind” ($10 Value) – The premise of this short “idea” ebook is based on Mark Edward’s “Bundles” mentalism/bizarre magic package… Presented in this ebook is an idea that you can use and flesh out for a nice story telling effect.


  • Bonus 3: “School Dazed” ($10 Value)– This is Craig’s 21-page essay on “Old School” vs. “Modern School” mentalism. This was originally written for and published by Psycrets: The British Society Of Mystery Entertainers.

  • Bonus 4: A 1-Hour Live Q&A Teleseminar Event ($47 Value) – Here’s your opportunity to attend a live 1-hour event exclusively for “Psychic Technologies” package owners. You’ll get a chance to ask questions and discover information that will expand the 7-volume course. The live event will be held sometime in August 2015 and will be recorded so that you can download an MP3 almost immediately after the teleseminar concludes. (You will be contacted via email with full details on time, date and how to attend when the date is set.)

The PSYCHIC TECHNOLOGIES 75% Off Special Offer is a massive, dynamic, information-packed opportunity… for only $45 you get over $275 worth of powerful, actionable, useable information and effects… a special deal like this comes about very rarely…

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1 year, 7 months, 27 days, 17 hours, 2 minutes, 4 seconds ago

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